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September 6, 2009 at 1:51 am #8531

@unbuff wrote:

I wish you kept your rant up kinmassive.

I’m kinda getting the jist of it, but yeah, would of been a good read.. cobber 😉

It was pretty ‘out there’ and had heaps of bad language so I didn’t see the need to introduce it to the fitness community as you get the drift of my above post.

I will delve even further into my feelings right now. I also do a bit of night work as a repo man for a gold coast collection company, you know cars, houses or any other stuff people don’t pay off, so I go and get the shit or kick them outta the house. Most of these people are the same people who I am disgusted with in this world, they don’t work or if they do they piss or smoke all of there money, eat shit and do not contribute to the good of the world AT ALL.. LEECHES. They are usually people who have children which means we are going to have MORE LEECHES like them in the future!!!

I was reading the Sunday mail this morning and I came across an article about women who drink to much and the number of women drivers getting booked for DUI whilst on school runs has increased dramatically!! What a fucken joke!! A group of women didn’t think a bottle of wine each night was excessive….can you believe that??

I just can’t understand what is happening to our society when I turn on the morning shows and see the latest fashion for women is to let that fat gut hang baby…it’s natural! I am not kidding, the channel nine show in the morning was saying how glamourous it is now to let the baby belly out and the next magazine I read was about that fat Rikki Lee and how happy she is that she is a disgusting mess and can’t stop plunging maccas into her poor sounding mouth…sorry Rikki that shit is not cool and you are telling the world of already disgraceful families that is is OK to be this way and this will in turn help further convince them that it’s OK to feed their kids like that also….WE ARE FUCKEN DOOMED because of your lack of will power!!

As a business man I am continually faced with people who don’t want to pay bills, complain about life, whinge about the cost of things, lie, cheat and decieve in every way that they can to try and stay afloat. Me, I try my utmost to stay focused on not only pleasing them but I also have to please my wife, kids and myself…big job, BUT, thats life and I do it and I’m kicking arse the best way I know how. I couldn’t imagine now what it would be like to be were I was headed 6 years ago (although I was young) and I see more and more people digging their holes deeper and deeper everyday and more ways to rip people off each day are thought about and introduced into this world.,..why? is life seriously that hard?

The answer is FUCK YEAH it’s hard but damn, I’d rather be shovelling shit for the rest of my days than be dead…thats for sure so why not try and make the most out of the time we have instead of overdosing on everything ALL THE FUCKEN TIME!!

Now I have just finished an extremely gruelling leg session, I am suppossed to be going to the park with my girls to celebrate Fathers day.. But instead I have to go and clear a blocked drain for an ungrateful real estate that I work with…do I complain, YES, do I do it…YES and why, because ‘such is life’.

ST your post sucks mate and your reasoning is what? Why would you want more losers to be round?? So that it easier for you to shine?? Before you fly off the handle, answer the question so I may understand your reasoning.