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December 15, 2009 at 9:20 am #8504

Rightio!! The Enforcer is baaack!!

Just a quick post as I am now extremely busy starting a new strongman fed as the one I was competing in just went belly up. But I thought some may be intersted in what ended up happnen with my National debut.

Well I came second in the open division….wait for it. I am not happy with this really as we had an american judge who enforced her rules and gave me a 5 second penalty for apparently sliding the yoke over the line. yes I slid it but it was intentional and is a tactic used to make the last 2 metres FLY!! It is allowed here but not there…so I would have cleaned up well ahead of the pack, but alas NOT TO BE!

Anyway I ended up reaching 125kgs!! And I hit some pretty impressive PB’s on the weeks leading up to the Nats:

265kg Squat
280kg Dead
330kg Rack pull
135kg Overhead press
180kg stone
405kg yoke

So yeah it has been a very productive lead up to the show. Learnt a lot and now know what it takes to be the best.

See yas!