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August 29, 2009 at 11:25 am #8496

@Bull wrote:

KM, I didn’t read all the diet in detail but I like the training idea. Getting the mind well ahead of the body sounds like a great idea.

I suggest that you stop questioning the advice that you are being given. You employed this guy because he has knowledge that you don’t. I don’t know much about Damon Hayhow but I know that he is one hell of a strength athlete. Clearly he has skills that you will need if you want to progress to the level that you have stated.

It may be a leap of faith mate but he knows his shit so I’d advise you to do what you’re told.

The nutrition is simply a matter of motivation. When you find out what is actually required, you might find out that you don’t want to be a strongman as much as you thought. That’s what sets the pro’s apart. They don’t like bland food, they just want to be a pro enough to eat what they have to.

You’ll find ways to flash it up a bit anyway as you go.

Like you said above, you need to get your head straight. It is your biggest weakness and probably a strength as well. Once you get control over your thoughts and apparent tendancy to dig your heels in and be negative then there will be nothing left in your way.

You are spot on Bull. I did question Damon’s tactic’s but at the end of the week I am down on BF and up on mass!! I am 111kg again and today I (cold) lifted my new 150kg stone into the back of my ute no drama and haven’t lifted a stone in 5 weeks. I have never dieted before and freaked out and the old mind kicks and tells you ‘Fuck It’ just eat and you will grow…buut like you said I DID employ him as he is THE BEST at what he does and I know that. As far as strength goes for his weight he is a FREAK!

You are right about the pro thing, when reality kicks and you know what you HAVE to do to even mix with them let alone be one, it is very daughnting and makes you question everything. It is an extreme lifestyle and Damon went over this side of it with me to and by the end of our convo I wasn’t sure if it is what I want and still ask myself now. Although, I have put those thoughts aside now and am thinking strongly in the way of ‘you gotta give it a shot’ if I didn’t take this ONE thing in my life as far as I really could then I would forever question so many what ifs in my life as so many others do, once I have done all I can then I can hopefully look back and say that YES I did give my all.

Thanks for the pep talk Bull. 😉