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August 29, 2009 at 10:36 am #8495

KM, I didn’t read all the diet in detail but I like the training idea. Getting the mind well ahead of the body sounds like a great idea.

I suggest that you stop questioning the advice that you are being given. You employed this guy because he has knowledge that you don’t. I don’t know much about Damon Hayhow but I know that he is one hell of a strength athlete. Clearly he has skills that you will need if you want to progress to the level that you have stated.

It may be a leap of faith mate but he knows his shit so I’d advise you to do what you’re told.

The nutrition is simply a matter of motivation. When you find out what is actually required, you might find out that you don’t want to be a strongman as much as you thought. That’s what sets the pro’s apart. They don’t like bland food, they just want to be a pro enough to eat what they have to.

You’ll find ways to flash it up a bit anyway as you go.

Like you said above, you need to get your head straight. It is your biggest weakness and probably a strength as well. Once you get control over your thoughts and apparent tendancy to dig your heels in and be negative then there will be nothing left in your way.