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August 28, 2009 at 8:59 am #8492

Personally I think you diet is too bland and restrictive that you are just setting up to fail. Quantity wise you may need even more food but eating such as you are it will be a massive chore to get in all that food. If you were doing it for say a month max I would say you could do it but if this is a long term thing then you may need to shoot your dietician and eat differently.

Also the lack of fats is interesting. Fats are precursors for steroid production as well as keeping the rest of you healthy but they also are good ways to increase your calorie count without making you go crazy. And it would be smarter to move from a higher fat diet to a higher carb diet before competition so that you are provided with more energy on the day (kind of reverse of what they have you on).

A lot of powerlifters aren’t that healthy on the inside though but most eat extremely badly. How are you eating your meals is it a stirfry or sauces based meal of is it grilled meat and steamed veggies?