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August 28, 2009 at 5:52 am #8491

I just blew the diet…ALREADY! I couldn’t help it as I freaked out with the weight loss!! Hungy Jacks, thank you for bringing back my sanity.

I just recieved this from my diet guy after I complained I was losing weight “Muscle mass and strength go hand-in-hand. Muscle mass and bodyweight do NOT go hand in hand (I assume this is supposed to say body weight and strength don’t go hand in hand). If you’ve lost 3kg, that definitely doesnt suggest you’ve lost muscle. In fact, there might actually be 5kg of fat loss along with 2kg of muscle gain. Thats not unusual. Thats sort of change is NORMAL with all of our clients!

In terms of your weight though, we want it going up, not down. Its hard to say whether you’ve lost weight because of the missing rice when you started the diet or because you’re sick? Either way, it sounds like you could handle more food”.

Now I am no expert and this is why I decided to see him in the first place but for those of you here who are competitive strength athletes, tell me do powerlifters diet?? I have all these questions racing in my noggin. And if so suely it doesn’t consist of such lean meals??