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July 10, 2009 at 5:30 am #8388

@kinmassive wrote:

Well said. What actually happened?

I ride motorcycles as well but we have paid rego and can ride on roads. There is absolutely no comparision between a motorcycle and a ten speed. One has right of way the other doesn’t.

Fluro tights to Dave hey?

The M7 has dedicated, fenced off bicycle lanes up the arse, but the part where they got nailed is an overpass with no lanes I believe. The guy in the truck, it was a 3 tonner or something, just veered off and nailed the two guys and missed the girl who was closest to the gutter.
I dont know what the findings are in relation to the driver I’d be tipping a culpable driving charge. The bloke was totaly distraught, as you would be.
The real kicker is they both have / had young families, isn’t that allways the way?, and the bloke that survied had a newborn at the time.
Just a horrible fucking event for all concerned.

And they’re are not ‘fluro’ tights big boy.

They’re ‘saftey yellow’ I’ll have you know…