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July 10, 2009 at 2:13 am #8385

You see this story:

I went to school with the bloke who survied, who’s now on the mend – slowly, but he will probably never be the same. My best mate use to ride with him also. As a motorcyclist Im acutely aware of the dynamic’s involved in a car v bike collision. When Im on the road, I trust nobody for my saftey but myself. A blinker dosn’t mean someones allways gonna turn, and a green light dosn’t mean some asshole isin’t running the red.

Its risky enough when you can go faster than the traffic.

These guys are operating vechicles that are traveling at a speed less than a third of the flow of the traffic, with their back to them, in a day and age where drivers have more distractions than ever, phones, i pods, screaming kids / mates or whatever.

They should give up their ‘Tour de France’ fantasy’s, buy mountain bikes and get some fresh air rather than exhaust fumes out in the country.
Do they deserve to cop abuse and get mashed by Commodores? Not realy.
But riding at 35 kph on a treadly with 2 tonne vechicles ripping past you doing 110 plus, barely an arms length away..

Sorry, thats just fucking insanity..