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July 5, 2009 at 8:25 am #8364

@kinmassive wrote:

Granted that is a long time and you will need to be running a serm (HCG) or similar. I could not imagine the damage that would do to ones system? Having done it for that long I assume you know what you are doing??

I have a close friend who has been running for 4 years now! Poor bugger is buggered.

Yeah long time, I was using at the end of it:
Test E 750mg
EQ 600mg
Deca 400mg

My sex drive is still high, there’s a lot of media bullsh*t around about how steroids ‘can’ ruin peoples sex drive, this is the biggest load of sh*t I have evr heard. Not one person I know has ever had libido problems whilst using gear, they have enhanced libido, even guys using over a gram a week have better libido.

Steroids are a miracle drug that the government tries to scare people away from, obviously if everyone starts using Steroids then our whole entire society will be enhanced, and the government doesn’t want this for several reasons.