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February 17, 2010 at 3:18 am #8350

There is some data published by Dan Baker a strength and condidtioning coach in Queensland and Charles Poliquin talks about structural balance of the upper and lower body. According to them, to be structurally balanced one should have approximately a 1:1 ratio of their 1RM close grip bench press compared to their 1 RM close grip chin up on a 4010 tempo.

Check it out, very interesting training methodologies and excellent for injury prevention as you can then determine objectively where someone is weakest as it is determined at a certain ratio. ( i find it is very effective in assessing the stabilisers of the shoulder, traps, rhomboids and ext rotators).

From memory I think Baker has some of the data on his website about the ratiost. I have never felt better after adjusting my training and having specific goals that I needed to work towards.

Check it out!