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June 9, 2009 at 5:59 am #8323

@kinmassive wrote:

I have varied over the years and I now mix it up.

As a rule of thumb each year should be split into different categories of training i.e
2-3 months of high rep training to begin hypertrophy
2-3 months of mid range rep work to build strength
2-3 months of low rep training to develop power.

Then by the time you are back to square one you have grown and gotten stronger so your high rep months will be with heavier weights and so on and so on.

So you need to set up your programs at the start of each year with focus points on each period of training. I used this exact type of system two years running and I am kickin arse!

Although recently, particularly when it comes time for a show I mix it right up. I will do high reps and low reps focusing on gaining a little more muscle mass and a lot of explosiveness.

So with that being said you will need to work out what you are going for first.

Great advice

My goal is hypertrophy. I have no interest in strength or power i just want large muscles. Now im not saying i can grow on piss light weights as i know most of the time u need to lift heavy ass weights to get hypertrophy.

But im more of a all show no go kind a anything program strength related does not interest me.

plus heavy lifting has always given me colds within 1-2 weeks.