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June 1, 2009 at 9:56 pm #8297

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Your probably better off eating a banana or two post workout, thats what you’re body’s realy crying out for, and drinking the shake before you go to bed cos we only grow when we sleep apperarently.

Fruits dont replenish muscle glycogen stores very well…..They replenish liver glycogen (i.e not the primary goal post workout)

The OP is better off eating a fast digesting carb of his/her choice that does not include fructose if maximal protein synthesis is the goal.

How about something like this then:

Light milk
Splash of honey, blended vigoriously.

To be honest, the more I look into it, all this hype surrounding protein seems a bit concocted – surprise, surprise. Most of us are probably getting plenty ( or at least all our bodies can assimilate ) on a regular healthy diet without cramming extra whey and mountains of chicken breast down our cakeholes daily.
Ive changed my eating habbits of late and feel better for it, so I guess I’ll find out for myself.

I suspect if a site like T Nation ever promoted a protien suppository, bodybuilders couldn’t order it and shove it up their arses fast enough..

I might add, I enjoy the fine articles and fitness models on T Naiton immencely..