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May 22, 2009 at 7:16 am #8285

Funny you know, a mate of mine had a couple of Jap exchange students live with his family for a bit over a week a while back, they were about his sons age, 13 or so. You would be hard pressed to meet more courteous and polite kids. Its a cultural thing for sure, these kids have respect ingrained them from early on and its socialy ‘shameful’ to behave in a disrespectful fashon toward your elders.

As one of the boys told me when I enquired about a scar just visible below his hairline “Oh, brother and I kick ball in house and break mother vase, mother very upset, make father very mad, father say no kick ball inside, then father throw brother and I on ground and make yelling and hitting” – ‘Father’ also held a black belt in both jujitsu and karate.

Did the beating teach those boys respect? Of corse not, they already had respect cos thats how they were raised, but it sure illustrated a point – step out of line here boy and you get fucken cracked!
Simple – heres the rules – break the rules – heres the consequence.

Modern kids are soft, they want all the rights without the burden of responsibility, they need counseling and group hugs if their i Pod breaks or their My space page crashes, their underdeveloped brains cant cope with the plethora of choices and information they expose themselves to.

In summary, I lay the lay the blame for this youthfull dissidence and disrespect squarely at the feet of their lax disciplinarian parents.

Give em a couple of years national service I say like they the Israels do, that’ll straighten out those fucken waify emo fags and skate board ridin punks, quick smart..

Now then…

Where’s my pipe and slippers..