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May 21, 2009 at 9:47 am #8283

Interesting. I always have opinions on stuff like this. 😀

Beware, this post is partly serious and partly exagerated, I think. Problem is that I can’t fault the logic. Hopefully one of you can and you will restore my faith in humanity.

Yes, I agree that people are rapidly becoming less respectful of others.

When people feel secure in their circumstances and have little to fear in the way of consequences then some immature individuals will begin to behave in this manner. They feel that they owe nothing to society and don’t need anything from it either so they become little powers unto themselves.

It has all happened before throughout history. I believe that it is closely related to standard of living. As people obtain reasonable wealth, they feel secure in their new position of power. This security erodes the authority of institutions such as religion and the judiciary thereby destroying the power of consequences and over time leads to anarchy.

KM, what you witnessed was actually the decline of our civilisation. Civilisations rise on the back of a poor working class, they mature as the lower classes achieve equality and explode in anarchy.

Hang onto your hat. 😉