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May 20, 2009 at 9:19 am #8279

Internet doesnt help as it takes out any personal contact (kinda like how they act with 10 people behind them). People think they can be tough and racist and shit like that and that it wont get back to them. Funnily enough they would shit themselves if it was face to face one on one, like the last kid who tried to be a smartass/tough guy to me when I was walking past the train station, as soon as i told him to shut up he went all ‘I didnt say nothing’.

What you need to do is not frequent popular websites (do not go near the youtube comments) and it will all go away. Im only 25 and I think a lot of 16-23 year olds are little pricks with no respect or care for anyone else. Also peoples caring and respect for others is slowly being degraded due to lower community values/sharing. If you go to a small town from a city you notice how differently people treat each other i.e. no walking past without saying hello, not helping someone in need etc etc.

Its always a minority but they are the loud mouths who let everyone hear them and try to force their views onto everyone else, so then it seems like there is a higher %.