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July 26, 2009 at 8:41 am #8257

Hi everyone

Please find the complete results below.

A big congratulations to Joel Malone for pulling out all stops for a very impressive show of strength.

Heavy weight – Open class

1. Joel Malone – 48

2. Nick Pratt – 46

3. Matt Aicholzer – 41

4. Robert Kilpatrick – 33

5. Scott Jones – 32

6. Don Stevenson – 28

Light weights

1. Mark Gair – 48

2. David Moyes – 46

Hight lights of the day

Allan “The Monster” Kliese

1. 91kg Rolling Thunder – New record

2. 215kg Atlas Stone loaded – New record

3. Dinnies Stones lifted

4. 34 Ton Truck Pull

5. 7 Reps on 125kg Log lift (Just Missed 8th rep after truck pull)

1. Joel Malone 14 ton truck pull 19.7 metres, Amazing stuff

A special thanks to Dom Morton, Allan and Heather Kliese for their efforts.

A big thanks to Marc Wells, Jeff Lam for their help and support.

A huge thanks to Jason Durbidge for being our MC – Great Job.

Awesome efforts by all athletes.

Well done

Well I finally had a win!!
I was on fire this day and everything went right which was so good for my confidence for the nationals at the end of the year. I weighed in at 112kg on D day and was really strong.

The truck pull was the hardest thing I have ever done. For some reason other than the fact that the track wasn’t flat and had a major divet in the mid way point the trucks were not moving, no one other than me pulled it over 12m. I got the truck over the line in the end and collapsed once complete, then went straight into the 255kg yolk which I did in 10 seconds (PR).

Then it went like this:
– Log lift for max weight in time (110kg) could have got the 115 but ran outta time.
– Farmers in 20 seconds
– Then stones from 110 – 150 from 1.6 – 1.2m loads. Got it with 20 seconds to spare.

Great day!