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July 14, 2009 at 1:29 am #8251

I’m more thinking along the lines of compressor forces on your knees in particular your menisci as you walk a lot etc at work (think of the added stress over the years). There is also torsion forces at the knee and ankle that you have to counteract to move and rub properly that with an added ten kg will get to you after a while. Personally I think you may find it near impossible to put on more weight due to your active worklife but that does not mean your strength can not increase. You may need to have a break after the next show and then start a new program with a more varies peak to your training cycles, ie within 3 weeks reach a peak drop volume and intensity for a week and then work back up and beat the previous peak in the next 3 weeks and so on. This way you are getting PB’s each month but giving your body a quick deload often to minimiZe the stress on your system but your a frequently still luging heavy weights. Kind of an osillating wave pattern where the size of the wave inceases as time goes on. How’s your skill training going for the events, as strongman does have a lot of new technical and skill based nuances aswell.