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July 13, 2009 at 10:17 pm #8250

Yes in theory you are spot on and that is my goal, but to be stronger you must train heavy and hard. This requires more calories and in strongman you can punch in around 6,000 per day at my weight now and still feel a little depleted.

I am just basically experimenting right now to be completely honest. It is very hard when I have no one to train with and no one to bounce ideas off who is experienced enough to have a positive impact.

My plan is to have a crack at getting as strong as possible at a higher weight then cutting back slowly for the end of year nationals, BUUUT keeping and even gaining strength.

As far as joints are concerned, the more weight you have the more water you have, the more muscle you have thus meaning the joints would be under similar loads as say someone with less water and the same weights. My joints are sorting themselves out now as they have been hurting for some time due to the training. But like my lower back they have strengthened and I am now reaching new heights.

Another reason for the weight gain is simply due to the fact that I am having trouble getting stronger….feels like I have hit a wall in some ways. The extra weight gained so far has allowed me to push past some barriers.

I am up for any other ideas guys.