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June 29, 2009 at 8:12 am #8230

I’m BACK!!

Firstly let me say this….Sydney for those of you who have not been is not the kind of place to go for a holiday! I have no idea how you guys live there?

The whole trip was terrible, firstly my 18mth old daughter got her arm stuck in the security conveyor at the Brisbane airport and I put on a huge turn which attracted the police and the manager of the airline. This is a whole nother story for later (trust me). Then we got ripped by this cheeky little asian prick in the cab and got stung an extra $35 bucks to get us to our rooms. The rooms were disgraceful and the resturant was shut for the weekend as was the kitchen!!!

I have cut like a mad man to drop weight and come weigh in I find that it wasn’t that serious and that some guys didn’t show and some even weighed in at over 110KG!!!! This pissed me off as I went in at 103kg’s and felt like shit because of it.

The weather was very cold as the Sydney boy’s will vouch and the pick up bus was over an hour late!! The day started with a very strict rule giving a it was made very clear that we all had to abide by the rules or we would be disqualified or have points/seconds deducted…very fair.

Let’s just say that these rules went out the window immediately. There were guys pushing and sliding the yoke, not locking out on the press, not locking out on the dead, not waiting for the refs call on the dead and it goes on!! I was fucken furious and still am to be honest. It effected my rankings as guys who did not follow strict rules were in front of me and not to be a bitch but it wasn’t fair!

Anyway I pulled fifth but should of got 3rd or 4th out of 15 competitors so it wasn’t bad for a my second and definately the toughest thing I have ever done in my life to date. These were my lifts etc,

YOKE (245kg) – 2nd (12 secs?)
LOG PRESS (95kg) – 6 reps
DEADLIFT (220kg) – 14 reps
FARMERS (120kg) – 13 secs (should won but stalled at the beginning, don’t ask why cos I don’t know????)
STONE (130kg) – 5 reps (just missed 6)

I was devastated to be honest but really shouldn’t of been as it was a big day and the competition was full on. The competitors were top class and they were very good for me to stand against.

I am very sore today, the only injury was a huuuge bruise and blood blister on my stomach where the belt kept pinching on the log press, each friggin rep! OUCH! I have had a good day to reflect and judge myself where I went wrong and need to improve, and there is heaps of room for that. I need to get myself a mind coach as it seems to be the only thing letting me down … any ideas?

Anyway I will be competing in an open class comp against the nations best
in four weeks so I am looking forward to making up for my performance in Sydney.