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June 22, 2009 at 10:20 am #8225

@dave wrote:

If massage wasn’t so expensive I would have a healthy shoulder by now. Get yourself a foam roller, it’s not as good but still it helps

I pay 50 for about 75mins, and go every fortnight. My butt, hams and quads were so tight, along with my lower back. I’m not sure if i mentioned it, but before I saw him I was up to squatting 175kilo, and that was hard. After I saw him and he loosened it all up for the first time, I went to squat 180, and it was nowhere near as hard as 175. So for 25 a week, its worth it IMO.

Is that a lot of money?

Just for the record guys (not hijacking KM 😉 ) im squatting 190kgX5. That was very hard, so i decided to deload for 4 weeks like im meant to, and really focus on form and getting deep, but then I got sick all last week and couldnt train, so now this is my 1st week back and gotta start all over.