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June 15, 2009 at 8:25 pm #8212

@Chad wrote:

@dave wrote:

Scientific studies, many an olympic level olympic lifting coach, olympic level track and field coaches, exercise scientists.

Full rest isnt bad but its not optimal.

Yeah Dave’s right “Research has shown that a week off will not put your CNS back to norm, but also that detraining occurs after 48hours- so you need to train in the last week to avoid detraining and 1 week is not sufficient for deloading”

Alot of powerlifters are tapering for meets over 4 weeks. They keep intensity and taper off the volume, then in the last week before a comp they use very little volume and go up to about 75%.
Then 2 full days off before a comp.

Show me the studies guy’s.

ALL the PL’s I know don’t train at all prior to comps in the last week, so I say again, show me the studies….