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May 31, 2009 at 1:15 am #8184

Just a note that I am down to 105.6kg this morning prior to eating so the diet is working. What diet you ask, well the diet where I don’t snack on shit between meals diet.

I am a shocker for eating great spaced meals but ruining it by having that cup cake or Dorito’s etc LOL. I have stopped that and upped my water intake and it has worked a treat.

Also there is a new energy drink out there at the moment that advertises that it is strong enough to wake the dead. I had one yesterday and one last Saturday and it has has come to my attention that it has a huuuge come down after and you are totally flat. I will get the name and post it but i would recommend to stay well clear of this one. It has a skull on the front and the can is the same size as the mother one.