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May 10, 2009 at 4:15 am #8168

Please don’t keep reminding me of my age Bull ha ha 😆 It makes me train harder!


60kg x 15 x 2
100kg x 12 x 1
120 x 12 x 1
140 x 6 x 6

Leg press
310 x 8 x 3
(didn’t have to do this just felt like it)

Lying leg curls
60kg x 12 x 3

Leg extension
90kg x 12 x 3

Cable crunches with 7 plates x 20 x 5 (love this shit)

Walked out the pain for 15mins on the treadmill.

I used wraps on the last couple of sets on squats as I have just bought a new pair of APT strangulators and hadn’t yet tried them. Un bloody believeable to be honest, so good I tried them on the press as well, dificult to get into position but once in they were great yet again.

You can say what you like but the wraps really allowed me to isolate the legs instead of worrying about my knees bowing and carrying on when i tire.

Anyway, REALLY didn’t feel like walking into the gym this night but I did anyway and was very glad when I finished that I had made the effort. i didn’t do any cardio as required but I am under the belief that cardio is not best done straight after legs.

Saturday was supposed to be my event day in Brissie but unfortunately i got Daddy day care duties as the missus and office girl had a first aid course than ran all day, come that afternoon it was rest time.

I am still undecided as to whether I am going to do anything as my body feels good but my legs are canning (good pain though). Will update tonite or tomorrow.

Monday will see the start of a new week of training and things will change slightly.

My weight has dropped to a leaner 103kg, one week of cardio and i drop two kgs ha ha. Feeling good and am glad this is heavy as I have another comp in Kalbar in mid July that will be a beauty to compete in as it has atractor pull which I have not yet done.

The Sydney show has had two changes on the rules in relation to two of the lifts and they are:
Stone for height is now a 130kg stone for reps at 1.2m, kinda sucks for me as I am one of the tallest competitors.
Yolk has been dropped to a lower weight apparently which really sucks as 245 is fucken nothing and i have been training with anywhere up to 285kg!!

Not sure where these rule changes have come from but it will be intersting to find out when the time comes. Oh yeah I got a mention in the Ironmind website heres the link pretty happy with that. The picture is of my main rival Ryan who is the current National champ, very strong mutha fucker. Has a very broad powerlifting career apparently and is only just 24yrs old i think. He ain’t nothin but a peanut though ha ha I will nail him on the walking vents but he will be hard to catch on the stones as you can see on the picture.

Talk soon.