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May 7, 2009 at 8:17 am #8166


Power clean and press
60 x 15 x 2
80 x 10 x 2
90 x 6
100 x 3 x 2
105 x 2

Close grip upright rows
60kg x 12 x 4

Side lateral raise
15kg x 8 x 4
(I do these very strict on each shoulder seperately)

I wasn’t really into it tonite to be honest and struggled at first with the high reps on overheads. I usually hit high reps with just a standing press but the power clean then press really knocks the wind outta ya quick smart.

I went for a 110kg but was only able to clean it as I was fatigued. I cruised through the rst of the session no probs and even went back and snapped out 2 x 10 x 60kg O/H presses with explosive movements as I felt I hadn’t really done enough.

I then jumped onto the treadmill for a fast paced walk for 15mins just to finish up.