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May 4, 2009 at 10:48 am #8146

Wow, just wow.
1ml per week you may as well not even do it.
I have to shoot you down because you are foolish.
1. You already started then you realised you don’t know jack shit then started asking question that you should’ve ask before commencing.
2. Most take around 50mgs of Stana ED orally or EOD by injection.
3. Stana only cycles are not the greatest, you should incorparate some test. You obviously didn’t think about your cycle.
4. Did you have A-dex on hand incase of bitch tits?
5. It’s a fair chance your Stana may be fake unless it’s homebrew, then it’s probably made in a non sterile environment.
6. Do you have a PCT ready.
7. Do you even know what PCT is?
8, For God’s sake do you have any liver protection although it’s not as harsh as taken orally.
9. You started and you don’t even know how long t go. I can’t help you because i don’t know your goals. Bulk. cut etc
10. Your mate is unreliable but you still trusted him enough to jump in the deep end without proper information.
11. You should stop right now post a decent introduction with stats, goals, diet, training.
12. Just because a steroid is oiled based doesn’t mean it takes 4 weeks to kick in, Prop or Tren Ace will kick in very quickly.
13. Why am i bothering becvause you’ll just keep going anyway?