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May 21, 2009 at 3:05 am #8136

@kinmassive wrote:

Lee priest is a whinger and a nut job to boot, so your review doesn’t surprise me.

Pumping Iron – 10/10
Standing tall – 10/10

Not exactly training videos but they are both very motivational all the same.

Ripped to shreds – 4/10
I like Jay but damn that dude is freaken boring too. Try putting some pep in your step son.

Ronnie coleman vid? – 8-10
Great DVD. It’s the one where he deads 800lbs etc “light weight babee!!” very entertaining and motivational.

Ifsa strongman 2006 – 7/10
Pretty boring but good to watch for technique. Would love some decent powerlifting/strongman training video’s. anyone??

Well i own 2 bodybuilding dvd’s and pumping iron and stand tall are the 2.

Pumping iron of course is a 10/10

Stand tall i would give a 7/10 they tried to make it the same as pumping iron, even using the same lines in some parts. I felt for poor louie .He was going to destroy the compitition until big robby came in and won it.

Still a great watch though.