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April 21, 2009 at 7:09 am #8109

km stop being a pussy and start running hard!!!!!!!

Ill say that over the net as that way you cant drop a atlas stone on my head here :D I have found the best way to sprint is to take my jack russell (a big long legged breed not those little guts to the ground kinds) and let him off in the park. He runs at me and circles me like a nut job and I try and follow him. Great for agility, reactions, tracking and starting speed. Then when he gets bored you gotta chase him all the way to the tree line 200m away as he sometimes just wont listen to you.

Now onto the posts question: Best bet for stopping the gut coming on when trying to put on weight is altering your diet, the second method is low intensity cardio, the third high intensity cardio. So you fix up what you are eating, you must be over eating to be putting on too much fat to fast, cut down on your volume and watch what your sticking in your mouth. Keep up bit of that running but not too much it is negating your muscle gains (endurance works is basically the opposite of strength work). Add a little high intensity running as it will expend some calories but also has a mass building effect due to the high forces being produced and absorbed. It is not as going as weights but still good. So what does that mean. Fix you food intake, add 1-2 days of low intensity cardio and 1-2 days of high intensity cardio.