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April 29, 2009 at 12:13 am #8072

@kinmassive wrote:

@jez226 wrote:

Personal best lifts

Bench press – 110kg
Squat – 190kg
Leg press – 300kg
Dips – 20kg plate on belt
Dumbell press – 40kg
Incline bench – 90kg
Decline bench – 85kg

Buullsheeet!!! 🙄 300kg leg press at 73kg….are you serious. 190kg squat??? I’m sorry but sounds a little unreal for me to be honest. Whats your dead?

OK, if you dont do deads, then what happens to your 190kg squat when you do 20 reps? for a final set? What maximum weight can you use for this kind of workout set.

This can be a muscle building set, instead of a strength making set like your 1 RM. DA