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April 9, 2009 at 3:18 pm #8038

if you want to be running 15s comfortably then you need to try and decrease this best time a fair bit ie 14s. you will also need to increase your anaerobic threshold. 400m runs hurt now imagine adding another 200 to that. i would suggest a day or 50,100,200 runs a day of 400 and 600 runs and another of 800 to 1200. dont over do the volume and like weights watch the intensity and try to periodise(basic gradual progression in volume and intensity is fine). work up to heavy max sprints over 3 to 4 weeks then drop the volume for a week after that and work your way up each cycle. i would also highly suggest to find some good info on technique, charlie francis has some good books. good technique can improve your efficiency dramatically. sorry about the shitty typing i have to use my phone to access the net at moment.