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April 2, 2009 at 8:46 pm #7987

For a start I am confused 😕 You have Anavar…yes, but are unsure on how to tell the difference between Dbol and Anavar? What did you order?

Anyways if you have Dbol then you will gain weight as it is more anabolic than Var. And most of it will be water weight, good for strength, not so much for permanent gains.

As far as the var is concerned, it is generally used for strength gain, don’t know much about it but have been researching it for a bout a week now. What I found odd was the fact that, yes it is for strength but is a very mild anabolic, less than say turanibol and it is also known for it’s low weight gain properties?

Anyway you probably know all that, so tell me why did you choose Anavar for your drug?