April 3, 2009 at 10:42 am #7933

@dave wrote:

Might be starting a little to heavy at the moment. Maybe you should turn it down a notch

You are dead right Dave. I will be doing more power cardio next week and really focus on explosive movements and really good form with a little less weight. I did this for my press session today and it went really well.

I have ditched the standard olympic barbell and am now using a 2″ bar for everything. Takes some getting used to let me tell you. I have also got hold of the 6 heavy grip grippers (100-350lbs) and train with them a few days a weeks, nothing drastic as I know how easy it is to overtrain grip. Have hit 250 this week and am closing it in the right and about 5mm off the left hand. I am stuffed if I know who uses the 350!!