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March 16, 2009 at 6:02 am #7894

Dave: Depends, I’ll have to stay on the diet and remain consistent to find out if its actually the cause, or if its genetic disposition. Only 1 person on my dads side had stones and still has them and hes 80.

I’m taking preventative juices like carrot and radish’s twice a week, and paw paw, apples and mangos, which all help to prevent stones, along with my homeopathy treatment which is aiming at the cause now. It can also reverse hereditary problems, so I don’t pass them onto my kids. . So only time will tell.

I can say, I feel fantastic though. I’m no longer sluggish, or feeling hot and sweaty like a fat old man. I could work all day consistently without feeling lethargic. Due to the size of the stones, I would have been carrying them for years!!