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March 12, 2009 at 9:06 pm #7887

Dont sweat it UB. Its a non vital organ anyway so if its giving you shit, piss it off. A good mate of mine had his removed a couple of years ago. Its keyhole sugery and you’ll be sore for a few days and thats it – of corse this can vary from person to person but a fit young bloke like you should have no worries.
Im not sure what the dietary changes you will have to make will be but put it this way.
My mate is a big solid lad – like 132kg solid, although 20kg of that is probably his gut, a smoker, very light drinker but loves his food – by which I mean if you order pizza, when he cant fit any more in, he scrapes off the topping and eats it. Ive seen him devour 7 maccas cheese burgers, a medium coke and large fries in one sitting, during the corse of a weekend away shooting up the bush he ploughed through a 1kg block of cheese.

I think hyper – obesity will clean him up before any gall bladder related malady…