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March 11, 2009 at 11:41 pm #7886

You could probably still train and what not as long as you follow a strict diet (i believe fat absorption will be very low so some vitamins and minerals will also be low) but I would not go through aas at all as this can put a huge strain on your body that may cause you severe problems.

Since your liver will be affected (lucky you dont drink as that would be struck off) you may have some problems recovering from exercise and maybe more long duration exercise but other than that you might be ok, I dont know for sure about this but its just a precaution as it the gall bladder works with the liver.

You would probably have to work around it but there would be many things you can do. Considering this you would probably be out for up to a month of lifting and strenous exercise. Talk to your doctor about long term effects they usually give you a very conservative view so you may be able to tweak it a little to your hopeful thinking.