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March 3, 2009 at 7:18 am #7850

@Gretschem wrote:

How long you been playing ? I’ve been playing 19 years, I’m currently studying Jazz with an old legend from Glebe, Jack Savage 82 years young and the coolest cat I know. He’s from New York.

I have quickly browsed over that book you mentioned too. Can you elaborate on your training program ???

Cheers Guys

My drumming these days consists of a beaten up pair of 2B’s, a practice pad and playing along to You Tube. I use to play a bit at school musicals and stuff then got together with another two mates to jam at the odd party or two. But we mainly just got together and played the music we liked, old school stuff like Zepplin, Cream, Deep Purple,Chilli Peppers and a bit of punk.

In the end though, drug abuse and ‘artistic differences’ tore the band apart…

Nah, it was nothing so interesting actualy – work, relationships and time, you know how it goes..

Anyway, enough of me reminiscing about my halcyon days of youth.

As far lifting things heavy goes, my ‘program’ if you could call it that is pretty simple.

I train about 3 days out of seven with weights – but I also do 2 sessions of karate a week, so Im fairly active – and nearly allways sore somewhere.

Day 1.
Floor press or weighted dips.

Day 2.
Neck work – wrestlers bridge ect.
Grip work – grippers, plate pinch, towel pull-ups.
Wrist and forearms – various stuff – sledgehammer lever, hammer curls
Tricep work – closee grip bench, skull crushers.

Day 3.
Overhead pressing – push press, clean and press ect.
Rows or weighted chins.
Shrugs – trap bar
Trap bar deads.

I mix these up a bit from time to stop me getting bored, I even substitute a beer keg with water in it on O/H pressing days fora bit of variety. As long as you are using your whole body to shift the weight and not ‘isolating’ its a good workout.

I basically do 5 sets going progressively heavier on each until I stall.
Once I can get all 5 reps on the last set I add enough weight to bring me back down to 2 or 3 reps and begin again. Simple, but so am I, and it works for me – evidenced by the fact that when I refer back to my diary ( allways keep a diary, or you wont know where the fuck you are or where you’ve been! ) my weights keep moving up.

Workouts last for an hour at the most, I believe in just hitting it hard and getting on with life.

I train like this for 6 to 8 weeks depending on how burnt out I am and take a week off completely and just pick up where I left off when I return.

Of corse, this routine will be poles apart from 99.9% of people on this forum cos we all have different goal’s and different ideas about what works and what dont, but as I said, I get resuts so why complicate it?

cheers mate.