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March 2, 2009 at 8:20 am #7848

@StormTrooper wrote:

Hi mate,
5×5 is a solid program. Just make sure you get adequate rest and nutrition and you should morph your physique.

Yeah I’m currently keeping an eye on my diet, I have just brought some whey protein powder, flaxseed seeds, sunflower seeds & oats to mix in my shakes etc.

@Dave996 wrote:

G,day Shane.

It would seem you and I share a few thing’s in common, a love of drumming, beer and being 38.

Like Stormtrooper said, 5 x 5 is a solid program that’s been round for decades in various forms. I never realy started to make solid gains untill I pissed off the multiple set, high – volume type lifting and just hammered away the basic’s.

If you want a good read on this style of training, I recomend you grab a copy of this – it’s pretty much been my bible for the last couple of years.

How long you been playing ? I’ve been playing 19 years, I’m currently studying Jazz with an old legend from Glebe, Jack Savage 82 years young and the coolest cat I know. He’s from New York.

I have quickly browsed over that book you mentioned too. Can you elaborate on your training program ???

Cheers Guys