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February 25, 2009 at 11:38 am #7819

I am totally with Kinetic here on this, although decca has it’s uses also. With the test your running you should be able to avoid the inevitable Decca dick.

Running a 6 week course of sten doesn’t exactly qualify you for a cycle of that magnitude just yet. Why not try all three seperately and understand what each drug does for you then you will be able to stack accordingly to what you are looking to gain whatever the goal may be. That is not a flame, merely a suggestion and at 24 you have heaps of healthy years ahead of you and years of experimentation to do, take you time and understand the drug you are injecting into yourself.

Knowing nothing of the hair loss drug you speak of, ask your GP. You are going to need to get your bloods done anyway. :wink:

With the PCT nolva is fine with most AAS and should be run at 10-20mg ED if there is a flare up or even a suspicion, trust me on this, if you feel like you may be having symptoms….you probably aren’t, it’s easy to get paranoid. So don’t keep feeling your nips all the time or you may make them sensitive by just doing that which will enhance your paranoia. BUT if you jave a genuine concern run 10ED then up to 20 ED if the sensitivity doesn’t fade in 2-3 days.

(ED = Everyday)

Just my two cents, but whatever you do blog it here.