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March 11, 2009 at 1:20 pm #7739

speaking about hgh isnt it used in evey other day cycles when it come to anti aging and when it comes to roids its used 3 times a day. how about the sydneyantiageing clinc and the one in goldcoast who gives this stuff out and test to old people i know the guy in syd got caught and lost his practice licence for 5 years and they paper trailed 3 million in hgh sales though they dindnt recover much of his money or estimated drugs any way he would have gone though a lot of vials of the stuff the abc i think got photos of bodybuilders walkin in and out of his premises though photos of people dont prove any thing and i can source it on the black market but 400 dollars a week id rather get a coke habit untill i stumble on buckets of cash id just go the intraveinous amino acids but them to are 3 times a day with like 20mls and dont have 190 of them