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February 9, 2009 at 5:10 am #7681

@JoeBlo wrote:

Everyones tough on the phone… fuck even my gran could be tough on the phone.
I do get down with confrontation and I would tell him to take it outside as well.. but that’s me. We used to have punch ons in our workshop.
Maybe just start screwing with his stuff when he’s outta the office. ie – laxative coke syringe, superglue all his possessions to his desk, load gay porn on his pc and email it to his address book with a msg to meet him later.., steal his fatty food from the finge, place pictures of him up at the local maccas telling people not to feed him, put marbles in his fuel tank, pour brake fluid over his car at the start of the day, load a horrible fish and egg mixture into a syringe and load it into his car window seals, pop the bonnet of his car and tape acetylne balloons to his spark plug leads. hell there’s so much stuff you could do to this guy to entertain yourself.. have some fun with it. good luck. heheh

This sounds too hard, but apparently putting lime into 1 cell of a car battery will blow his bonnet off when he turns his key