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January 23, 2009 at 10:47 pm #7666

I’ve got to be the wrong person to ask as I’ve been known to snap at times!

(There’s the goget post floating around somewhere).

But I’m going to try and be creative here.

Get one of those big glass jars and fill it with m&ms. Place on the front of your desk.

As soon as your ‘friend’ enters your office, wip off the lid. This might distract him totally but more importantly give you time to prepare.

You’ve got to tell yourself that everything he says is a complement. Heck I’d be tempted to say thanks everytime he tried to rip into you. But to be honest an inner dialogue (think about it!) is all you need. And remember what Bull said.

If that doesn’t help you can move to the negative and remind yourself that he is killing himself although slower than you’d like.

Still all this is sometimes easier said that done. I’m always pledging to be more Masai. They have a saying that one shouldn’t hate the heyna because it just is what it is.

Accept it, smile 🙂 , get on with life.

BTW. Biting on a pencil is almost as good as a real smile.