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January 13, 2009 at 11:22 am #7648


do i need anything else ?

i have kept a diary to date some quick figures

Starting weight 85.5 weight today 92.3 im six foot one

week one. bench 90kilo for 8 – Week seven 110 for 8
week one. squat 120 for 6 – week seven 180 for 6
week one. Dead lift 160 ORM week seven 240 ORM (one rep max)
week one. over head dumbell shoulder press 32.5kilo for 6 week seven 42.5 for six

when i have some more time i will post a full report to date. in regards to roid rage and acne. I have had one small aggressive episode. however it was a night when i had alchole (the only time i have drunk in over 12 months) it resulted in me getting into a fight with somebody and acting very out of character. although the alchole that i consumed was not much i think it was a large reason why this happened

in regards to acne. i have some small pimples on my shoulders 3 on my left and two on my right. if they get popped though they turn into very nasty looking little scabs and if i continue to pick at them they can turn pretty bad and really sore, they are very very tiny though and dont seem to containe any puss

My general overall mood though is quite good. my sex drive is through the roof and im feeling excellent when training. However my training sessions are really starting to drag out (2+hours sometimes) mainly because of how good im feeling in the gym and my ability to keep going and breaking personal bests

on friday it will be the start of week 8 and exactly half way through my cycle. im going to have 6 weeks of before starting the exact cycle again however i might cut it in half after getting some feed back or some more info on this decision