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December 9, 2008 at 9:46 am #7451

I actually agree here 😯

I find if I eat a high fat, carb meal two days prior followed by a lean day then I feel electric on D day. Don’t ask me why but I just do.

You are much better of getting in touch with what goals you want to acheive for the day and try to visualise yourself doing them. Set realistic goals and don’t sike yourself out. Have an early night and get up early that morning. One more thing pack whatever shit you need and get your gear ready for the day that night.

As far as the stims are concerned I can’t stress enough how much you should steer clear of the ones loaded with sugar or you will crash and feel flat.

On the day oats for brekky, shakes and small meals all day. But don’t ever fill up or you will feel rooted.