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December 1, 2008 at 10:48 pm #7427

Just to add an opinion from someone other than km and bodytek.

I believe that if you are someone who trains hard and often the so called carb rules should not apply.

BUT to the average person who does not exercise often then yes they should limit their carbs at all times. They do not use their glucose stores during the day and therefore they are more likely to store those carbs as fat. But basically they should just be limiting their calorie intake overall.

A good intake of carbs in the morning periods should be enough to help someone walk up 3 steps a day and walk maybe 500m over the whole day.

For KM who was playing rugby, lifting, working a job that is very physical he could easily get away with not worrying about carb intakes and just try to eat relatively healthy.

The whole eat more healthy fats and protein instead of carbs later at night is more to do with carb tolerance decreasing at night and being stored as fat. From what I have read of yours bodytek you dont seem to fully agree with this. Personally I think it has been taken as a gimic by people who are like those who try and sell ab machines on tv. Yes there is a use and your diet should have less carb intakes at night (unless you train then) but the no carbs rule is a bit stupid.