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November 30, 2008 at 9:46 am #7409

I love the keto atm

i have 2 green veggies or salad meals a day dinner and lucch only cause im lazy.

lots of fibre morning and night

i fill up or cheat every 3 days. i train high volume so i feel i need it so i usually just eat watever i feel like every 3rd dinner. still do cardio etc that night

im switching my fill up nights to more clean as im trying to come down a lil more so sushi or just rice or sweat potato but as much until im loaded!

im pretty structured eating every 2 and a half hours during the week but weekends ill eat every 2 to 3 also but jus depends on wats gfoin on.

also i add sea salt to every meal cept shakes. and i dont crave carbs or have mood swings ever