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November 28, 2008 at 6:03 am #7408

@unbuff wrote:


Im going to switch to it, as I feel alot healthier on it, and so does, everyone who does it.

Its proven with blood results, its proven on diabetics, hell, its proven on children who cant concentrate and who have autism. The proof is out there.

I suggest you read, If you havent already Good calories, bad calories – Peter taube

Then you can take back the sucks balls comment.

From a bodybuilding perspective, check out the KETO SECTION on that big famous american bbing site, for the proof it works in that aspect aswell.

I think there is a VERY big distinction between a sedentary individual who is insulin insensitive because all they do is sit on their ass and eat twizzlers and donuts……and then comparing an athlete or a bodybuilder.

We are also not comparing children who eat sugary foods day in day out. Obviously something that controls blood sugar is going to work better on a child than the standard diets these kids eat.

We are saying “what works best – and what works optimally for a bodybuilder”. And in my case, im talking about natural bodybuilders.

I know about keto diets 🙂 …they are great for short term fat loss. The insulin suppression is terrific. But, over time, the fat loss twindles. Sure, its great if you want to lose 10 kilos. But if you have to lose more, and keep your muscle it is extremely hard. It is also restrictive in the way cardio is performed. You cant be doing high intensity cardio while on a keto diet. All you can do is walk at a low pace (so that you dont burn muscle). What happens when your body adjusts to the workload? Where do you go from there? Sure. You can drop your fats and eat protein/veggies only only but till what point?

Like i said in my previous post – consistency over time. Something that works long term.