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December 14, 2008 at 10:55 am #7393

@unbuff wrote:

Well, depending on how I adjust is the main thing. If I find after a couple of weeks I can progress in strength in training, then I wont be going back on carbs.

We’ll see what happens.

hmmmm….you wont be able to tell how you handle carbs if you dont eat them. Keto will give you very stable blood glucose once you switch so testing while in ketosis is kind of pointless

If you need help re-introducing carbs back in il be glad to help you – ive helped alot of people control their blood glucose (myself included….i once thought i was ‘carb sensitive’ and all that BS at one stage) but with some proper supplements and accurate testing we can come up with a way where you can eat maximum carbs and stay lean and grow without having to restrict yourself so much.

Good luck – and enjoy those fats mmm mmm mmmm