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December 6, 2008 at 6:50 am #7385

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Another thing………when eating high GI whole foods (white potatoes, white rice etc) and combined with a meal with protein, there isnt much difference between a low GI carb source and a high one. Ive done lots of experiments and it just doesnt make a whole lot of difference.

The more important thing is the glycemic load. If someone is eating a huge amount of low GI carbs, its still going to make blood sugar rise quickly regardless of its GI. Just some food for thought….

So your saying id get the same insulin spike with sweet potatos, as I would with dextrose with protien added? So if thats right, I’m not really helping myself with cutting high GI carbs, I could stil have a dextrose shake after training and nothing will change….?

PS: I’m not against carbs, yet.

Nope, i said high gi whole foods…….whey with dextrose makes insulin go through the roof…..way too much for me and thats why i wont use it. (makes me spill over…fat and watery)

Likewise, ive found a big difference between eating white potato + chicken and white potato and whey……….due to its rich amino acid content, whey spikes blood sugar higher.