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December 5, 2008 at 9:42 pm #7383

@bodytek wrote:

The more important thing is the glycemic load. If someone is eating a huge amount of low GI carbs, its still going to make blood sugar rise quickly regardless of its GI. Just some food for thought….

Which highlights the gulf between theory and practice.

Theories tend to simplify things whereas the real world is complicated in practice. We’ve gone from GI to II to glycemic load in trying to get a better handle on things.

B F Skinner and other Behaviorists (God bless em) believed you could get a better handle on behavior just measuring stimulus and response and ignoring the stuff (like thinking) in between. Use the theory to guide you but it’s the response – what it does for you – that counts. If eating donuts all day makes you fat, stop eating donuts, if it makes you strong and muscular keep chowing down. 😉