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November 27, 2008 at 6:26 am #7360

@bodytek wrote:

Wow – what impressive cut and paste skills you have. I also liked your layne norton ‘bro science’ reference………….

While i agree 8 meals is going overboard, 6 is optimal.

It ensures easier digestion and assimilation of nutrients (as opposed to cramming 60g+ pro plus 100g cho in one sitting 2-3 times a day)

It helps facilitate steadier blood glucose levels.

Those two reasons are good enough for me to keep my meals spaced out evenly.

I though it would be more appropriate to cut and paste an article from an expert than to paraphrase it – is that a problem for you?

And using the term “bro science” that I happen to think highly appropriate, does that bother you?

If so, grab some tissues princess.

As for your statement that “6 is optimal”, I believe the theme of this thread is regarding weight gain / loss. Are you trying to say that 6 meals is better for either weight gain or weight loss? This would be another example of “bro science.”

If you read the above article, the message is clear – eat your calories using whatever method assists you to achieve your goal. There is no optimum however, only optimum for you.

BGL’s are a different issue to weight gain / loss.