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November 24, 2008 at 10:14 pm #7350

Sorry I forgot to mention that I’m a male.

So is Nitrix no good? I can stop taking them when I run out.. I’ve had them since I was last training over a year ago. But can you explain if they are doing more harm then good?

Is 61kg really light even though I’m only 164cm? I wasn’t aiming for too much more muscle tbh.. 65kg max with 10%bf is what i’m aiming for. The reason being I like the athletic look.. i’ve seen alot of shorter guys carrying a lot of muscle and it makes them look even shorter.

Thanks Bull.. I had no idea my diet was so high in protein as I have never counted my calories. But I guess your right, if all I need is 180gms of protein daily. B/c i’ve got a big appetite, I figured I may aswell eat more chicken to keep me satisfied. But i’ll try and cut down on the chicken and lose the pre w/out protein shake from now on. I’ll also include the banana in the morning and cut down on my daily snack of dried fruit.

I bought the BCAA’s capsules last week instead of the powder for PWO since my p/wout shake already has a good mix of BCAA powder in it.

Can anyone explain why I haven’t really lost any weight since starting my training again 6months ago? I’m guessing that i’m compensating for fat loss by adding more muscle so it kinda averaged itself out 😕 – hence why i’ve gained only 1kg but look more defined. Or could it be that my daily calorie count is too high? 😕